More Amazing WWII Photos And Stories I Found On Flickr.

by Daniel Russ on October 2, 2014

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A WW2 Japanese plane wreck in the jungle near Madang, – Janette Asche




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Douglas SBD Dauntless… US Navy and Marines dive bomber.

It was also used by the USAAF under the designation A-24 and named the Shrike. (Hawk914)


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Elrid Spinas: VMF-422 WWII

First of all, I hope all my Flickr friends are having a great Memorial Day weekend.

 Secondly, I am dedicating this post to the memory of my grandfather, Elrid Spinas, who passed away last fall. He was a US Marine who flew a Corsair in WWII. This photo shows my grandfather around the age of 20, on his plane called the “Miss Opal” (Opal was my grandmother).

 My grandfather will always be a “larger than life” icon in my mind, and I think these images are a reason why. I can’t imagine flying a bomber at the age of 18 in WWII. In fact, when I think about the experiences he must have gone through, it makes my life experiences seem really trivial… and I’m sure they are in comparison.

Elrid marched in the Memorial Day Parade in Ferndale, CA every year until he died. I associate Memorial Day with him, so it was only natural to post in honor of his life and service to our country.

Thanks to all the people who have risked their lives to make the lives of others better.

Ivan Sohrakoff



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