Amazing Photo And Stories I found On Flickr.


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Most likely Tuskegee Airmen in front of  an AT-7, the training version of the C-45  (Hawk 914 commented)

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Cologne Cathedral During WWII

 “I found this photo along with 19 others tucked inside a book that was sold for $1at a library booksale, where people donated books for the sale. I’m sure the original owner didn’t realize that these photos were left inside.”- Kevin Trotman

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Grandfather WWII – French Artillery 1940

1940 ”In Honor of the Reservists Deprived of Love”

 My Grandfather, second from the left. He received the Médaille Militaire

and the Croix de Guerre : he was hit by shrapnel, his horse was killed, but he continue to fight.

Prisonner of war, he undergoes surgery 5 times.

1940 ”En honneur des réservistes privés d’amour”

 Mon grand-père, 2e à partir de la gauche.

Reçu la Médaille Militaire et la Croix de Guerre pour bravoure au combat.

Il a continué le combat aprèes avoir été blessé par un obus qui avait également tué son cheval. Les Allemands l’ont opéré 5 fois alors qu’il était leur prisonnier de guerre. -(Phillipe M)


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Type 97 ShinhoTo Chi-Ha Tank, (Andrey Korchahgin)



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