Luxurious Roman Way-Station Uncovered In Bulgaria.

by Daniel Russ on June 28, 2014

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Heated Pool



.What looks to be a something akin to a Roman Marching Camp has been located in Bulgaria in Southern Europe.  Called the Sistra Complex, it appears to have been designed to house traveling dignitaries, and as such, it features a large heated pool, hypocaust heated quarters where not only is the poor heated, the walls are heated as well. There are stables from Thracian horsemen, and a complex water diverting masonry that supplies fresh water from the Osam River. And what else travelled with dignitaries? Money. Gold coins bearing the image of Honorius dated to 402 AD.




Heated Rooms



Coinage Bearing Honorius’s Image 402 AD


.Sources: archaeologynewsnetwork



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