Conservatives Don’t Want Australian Textbooks Teaching Gallipoli.



Periscope and rifle, Gallipoli 1915

In 1788, Australia was an island continent alone with its indigenous people. Polynesians, Indians and Chinese explorers  knew of it and used its resources,. The ever expanding British Empire which was unsuccessful in the Americas was not unsuccessful elsewhere. In Australia, for example, an invasion by British and a follow up bloody war with aboriginal people was settled into a peace. Australia then became a South Pacific Silk Road. British and Dutch Ships used the ports and a culture than includes Asians, Pacific Islanders and Africans, as well as British traded with each and have made Australia into a veritable melting pot. 

Australia also had a vibrant culture, although Stone Age, as far back as 60,000 years. 

But Conservatives are alike all over. They don’t want multiculturalism. They want the White Western culture taught. Take Kevin Donelly a right wing Aussie political wonk: He says “ we really need to balance that with an understanding that our political, our legal institutions are derived from Western civilization.” 

There you have it. Don’t teach about Chinese culture because that might ut them on an equal basis in terms of respect and understanding with European history. No, we can’t do that. We have to teach out children that Western ideas are ascendant. And this is the battle raging right now in the Australian textbook industry. 

Oh, and let’s not teach them about Galliopli, the ill advised Allied invasion of Ottoman Turkey during the first World War. This was one of the worst defeats of Australian troops in the country’s history. And Conservatives don’t want Australian history to reflect inconvenient truths.


Sources: ChristianScience Monitor.

Oh Brother.


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