CIA vs Pentagon.




Since 9/11, the CIA has been transformed from an intelligence agency to a paramilitary force. This of course bothers people that there are now two dozen weapons bearing national security firms careening around the arc of instability, keeping it unstable. It bothers many people that the US government appears to work for the CIA, not the other way around. Director John O. Brennan notes that the CIA has not predicted the anomie all over the Mideast, but it does a pretty good job of launching drone strikes.


The directives from Congress are deucedly ignored by the CIA because in part, the foreign intelligence services we work with assure us that a military presences is not wanted in their country. That said, the CIA is technically not a military force. I find this argument specious. What difference does it make to our allies if the guy shooting wears camo or top siders?


Yet Russia invaded Crimea and it completely surprised the Defense Intelligence Agency. The gallimaufry that is the Syrian civil war is hardly understood by observes because it is a labyrinthine mess where there are no good sides for a country like ours to choose. Philip D. Zelikow, a former defense analyst mentioned that he felt the drone strikes are distracting the CIA from its intelligence mission. He feels the Pentagon should have purview over the military exercises.


This is hard to disagree with. The CIA missed the dissolution of Hosni Mubarak. Citizens in Israel knew how corrupt he was and how much Egyptians hated him. How on Earth can the CIA miss that? The argument to take guns away from the CIA is a management argument. Get everyone on the right seat on the boat inside the government. Do that first.


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