Tortured Arguments.

by Daniel Russ on March 10, 2014



USS San Antonio. LPD Ship That The US Uses To Hide And Torture Suspects.



.Why would a country that calls itself a standard bearer for human rights fail to sign an International human rights treaty? In 1995, Conrad Harper, the Clinton administration’s top State Department lawyer, said American officials, he said, had no obligations under the rights accord when operating abroad.


A Columbia professor on foreign policy, Matthew Waxman noted that the State Department and CIA would not want to participate in the an International human rights treaty because it would hamper our operations overseas. So yes, of course, the US will not allow cameras into its terror prisons across the world. Caitlin Hayden, a National Security Council spokeswoman says that the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights bars detention and torture of prisoners but it only applies within the borders of the United states and the fact that we hold prisoners in secret and aboard ships in international waters.


Harold Koh, an attorney for the State Department wrote: “In my legal opinion, it is not legally available to policy makers to claim it has no application abroad.”


AP: “By holding people in secret prisons, known as black sites, the CIA was able to question them over long periods, using the harshest interrogation tactics, without giving them access to lawyers. Obama came to office without a ready replacement for those secret prisons. The concern was that if a terrorist was sent directly to court, the government might never know what intelligence he had. With the black sites closed and Obama refusing to send more people to the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, it wasn’t obvious where the U.S. would hold people for interrogation.”


The facts of the case are stunning. We are holding people in secret prisons and torturing them and no one knows and no one really cares. The rule of law is a frangible asset.



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