Roman Gladiator Training Facility Circa 300, Found Near VIenna.

by Daniel Russ on April 21, 2014










We have talked about the oddity of history growing more clear the further we travel from it. And once again the adage is proven correct. Ground penetrating radar, satellite imagery and magnetometer readings have unveiled the location of a Roman gladiator training camp in modern day Austria. The complex includes training grounds, barracks for the workers and cell blocks for the fighters, an amphiteater, kitchens and aid stations that cover over 30,000 square feet of real estate. The training area is a circle that is 62 feet in diameter inside a larger courtyard.

Carnuntum, the training school, also had more lush accommodations probably for the veteran trainers. These had private baths and tiled floors. Like other martial arts, the older gladiators were venerated and lived in a more affluent mien. These were probably where the instructors stayed. You can think of a successful gladiator trainer as the equivalent of a great football coach. There was so much money at stake in betting and staging games that winners made lucre.

Carnuntum is near Vienna and is 1700 years old.


Source: BBC


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