Told You So.




With news of black Al Queda flags fluttering over the rooftops in Ramadi and Falluja came the inevitable and parochial japery. This is of course Obama’s fault that those Al Queda insurgents didn’t just stay out of that town that we conquered a decade ago. If we had left a force behind to just patrol the streets that’d keep those terrorists noses down. It is as though America lives in a Hollywood simulacrum where an unbeatable American Empire can defeat insurgents who just throw their hands up in the air and surrender. In states that threaten to secede from the union Americans fail to imagine that the insurgent forced out of his own home by the invading army would grow hotly bitter about the circumstances and wait for the day when he can take back his home. In America’s shortened memories and limp dick media we forget Hamburger Hill, or Hill 937, a redoubt taken at 73 dead and hundred wounded in a frontal assault in May of 1969. Not long after we showed those Commies they simply replevined it when we withdrew days later. The same way Taliban and Al Queda took the Marine outpost at Korengal Valley and posted to You Tube videos they took of it moments after the Marines left. This was also reprised in the Battle of Kamdesh in Nuristan where US soldiers were forced to abandoned a Combat Operations Base when insurgents encircled the base and attacked for 8 hours. Does anyone really expect that we would be able to hold territory across the world in a country no one could find with two hands, a flashlight and Google Maps.


The argument of course is that we sacrificed American blood taking these strongholds and for what? I don’t blame veterans for wondering if their mortal battle mattered at all. It matters. It matters more when your battle is more than a political power play or at least based in realistically winnable situation. But the US occupation in The Graveyard Of Empires has been a bloody debacle that accomplished nothing for American safety and in fact did little but to line the pockets of the typical weapons barons, security state vendors and make the region far more unstable; thus ensuring the weapons and security capitalists to make even more money. Well, here’s some news America, Germany has retaken Berlin! Japanese are still living and doing business in Okinawa and Iwo Jima. We can’t occupy every country we war in unless they actually invited us. In neither case, did that really happen.


Americans are uneducated and ill informed, not necessarily stupid. Although today that last assertion is harder to prove than ever. I think it’s fair to say that Americans are tired of seeing videos of smoking cars that moments before were jauntily bouncing over a road with live Americans in it. The camera pans back and there are fully uniformed soldiers bristling with weapons securing the site. These days the American media and the lowest common denominator of the public are working a secret pact. They don’t want to see disturbing images of bombed out American outposts and the media would rather just show Kim Kardashian’s ass.


Finally Karzai, The Mayor Of Kabul, has released prisoners that were accused of attacking Americans. Wonder if he wants us out? I wonder if anyone here really sees our occupation of Afghanistan in our interests.





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