The Forces Of Oldville.


just sayin'


You know you’re in trouble when the simplest alembic to a problem is opposed by the Forces of Oldville. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 put pot in the same category as heroine and LSD. This is like putting your granddad’s spavined Case pocketknife in the same category as a hand grenade. Now common sense and measured ideas are finally given a way to turn back this medieval thinking, perhaps now this is a small shining corner of our brutal political/media atmosphere in America, and a rare moment  when Americans spoke and were listened to. Now Nancy Grace, the former prosecutor and bitter pill bête noire of rational calm thinking can’t stop prosecuting the simple merciful act of the State of Colorado that legalized pot. The blonde banshee of the Cable Noise Network cannot suppress her caterwauling reflex about the Marijuana Crime Spree. I guess that cabbie who is stoned is about to have a horrendous wreck and the school bus driver who is zoned out will instead run over your kid.


Yeah, my guess is that a lot of people around her are blitzed when they are producing her show. I would guess some of the back room video technicians, some of her guest acquisition infrastructure and most likely the cabbie she is referring to are all smoking and she doesn’t even know it. I bet a lot of her staff smokes just to withstand her. Only now Coloradans can pay a guy at a counter and not have to slip 100 bucks into the hands of a junkie gang member and slink out of the neighborhood.


Nancy Grace is part of the Force of Oldville as are the bankers who robbed us and perpetrated fraud and now won’t have anything to do with Marijuana because it might not survive legal challenges. That’s a lot of cautious rational thinking from a professional group that bundled securities together that they knew were worthless and then sold them as worthwhile, all the while insuring that if they started to stink it wouldn’t hurt the issuers, instead it would make them richer.


The only real crime spree is that stoners in Colorado keep stealing the 420 Mile marker off of I-70. And the fact that Nancy Grace is allowed to spread fear about taking pot income out of the hands of gangs and allow Americans to be free of the stupidest part of the War on Drugs.


I don’t necessarily want a pilot who is stoned flying me around. Then again, I have a lot less fear about a stoned pilot than a security state that allows people to purloin my data and pat down my gonads all for my own good. I wish Nancy Grace would have a healing, something that would help ease her anger and her pain that the vicissitudes of life have wrought upon her.  It would be better for her and better for us all if she is going to be on air all the time.


It’s long past time to have a talk about the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 and whether it is costing us more, not less than drug use itself. Sometimes our systems get old, our beliefs ossify, our fixes need to be fixed. Sometimes we need the sensible activities of the Colorado government. Hard to believe I hear myself saying this, that Colorado is a rational state.






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