How about a “Congratulations China” from the US?

by Daniel Russ on January 12, 2014




Yutu, The Chinese Lunar Rover, Is A Marvel. Let’s Put Our Politics Behind Us and Congratulate Them

A few weeks ago, China successfully soft landed a rover on the Lunar surface. Yes, we were way ahead of them, and so were the Russians. In historical terms, the 25 year advantage we had on them means little. In fact, they have a robust space program while we have a robust weapons programs in space. Yes, we are regional rivals in the South China Sea. Yes we are economic rivals around the world. But the Jade Rabbit, or Yutu, a character from Chinese folklore.

Yutu has ground penetrating radars, alpha particle X-Ray spectrometers, and stereo cameras. It can sending real time videos and detect obstacles to avoid by itself. This machine is a marvel and it gathering data scientists can all use.If I were President of the United States, I would have held a press conference and lifted a glass to the Chinese who have joined the space faring nations and did it their way.When I was a boy, I sat next to my father’s chair and watched the Moon landing. I could hardly believe it. The whole world was watching.

The community of scientists in America are also silent on the matter and this is not that odd. Scientists work off grants provided by corporations and corporations, if you haven’t noticed have become politicos. No one from Scientific America or Dell wants to congratulate those Communists. But the silence is really telling for the American Empire. Rather than celebrate the new technology from a rival, we hunch our shoulders down, hide inside our brutal predatory politics, and sit quietly. And the US Media? You bet that pictures from the Chinese lander will be trumped by Kim Kardashian ass. In fact, compared to her Moon, Yutu doesn’t stand a chance.

So this me, China, lifting a glass, and saying — Congratualtions, good job, and good luck Yutu.




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