Great Photos Of Animals At War

by Daniel Russ on February 5, 2014




Marine Cpl. Gunner Schmitt, 23, of Janesville, Wis., and a puppy the Marines named Willie, part of a large population of stray dogs. (AP Photo/North County Times/Hayne Palmour)


Horse Gas Mask


A gas mask for horses or other pack animals from the L:onion based: “Our Dumb Friends League,”. 1940 (AP Photo)



Cambodia  Cambodian Troops Crossing Water


Cambodian soldiers use  oxen to carry munitions as they advance on the Khmer Rogue.  (AP Photo)



WW2 Animals


Elephants as pack animals in Laos.



WWI Pershing 1918


Gen. John J. Pershing on his horse in France, 1918. (AP Photo)




World War I gas masks for man and man’s best friend. Front lines, 1918.  National Photo Company Collection.


Source: Denver Post


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