The Year In Review. Some Topics Poorly Covered By The Media.

PLA Honor Guard

 PLA Honor Guard

Just weeks after a surprising if not risible announcement on the part of the Chinese government that the South China Sea in under its purview, a US warship plays chicken with the PLA Liaoning and they almost collide. In the past decade or so, the United States and its Allies have agreed not to proliferate the weapon systems that give the West a distinct edge. The provision has been honored in part by France and England and Germany. Of course it was not really a non-proliferation treaty, rather it is a gambit to fend off the unfettered force of capitalism and keep out top weapons from being sold to our biggest competitors. Of course our allies agreed to the terms and in full compliance have not sold a single completed weapons system to the PLA. They in fact have sold parts and aftermarket services to the PLA that pretty much obviate the intents and purposes of the weapons moratorium. The finest quietest German and French diesel engines drive the new Chinese submarines under the seas. The high powered and efficient British jet engines jet the multi mission J-10s across the skies. British early warning radars keep those Chinese aircraft safe. And how safe will the British have kept them if they are facing US F-15s? The unsated, and endlessly voracious weapons industry will not be denied even when it comes to arming two rivals playing in the same sand box. Did anyone think that the endless search for money would stop weapons manufacturers from profiting on the new tension between Empires? If I were a Tea Partier or a Fox New consultant this is the tempest I could brew in a teapot. Our supposed allies selling major weapons components to our enemies and where is Obama on this? Regardless what this means, its ironic how little air this gets. Hell a progressive should easily see both sides played for fear and profits.


Six Americans died in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in Afghanistan. How long do we have to keep paying for this debacle? And why is there so little airtime given to this story? I feel for the families that watch as Lindsey Lohan gets 1000 times more attention that their child across the world serving in the graveyard of empires. There are rumors that the helicopter was shot down and the survivors killed on the ground.


Four Marines are injured, one critically when a V-22 Osprey was fired upon by a stateless warlord in the newly formed South Sudan. Does the public get any say whatsoever in how we spend our money? Could any America find South Sudan on a map? Where is our lazy indigent media? Oh….they’re busy monitoring Jessica Simpsons post pregnancy weight loss.


Last week the US conducted a drone strike on a convoy that turned out to be a wedding procession where the Bride is brought to the groom’s home. Dozens of innocents were killed or maimed. This after Obama seven months ago said that the new security restrictions were established such that no strike can be authorized without “near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured…. the highest standard we can set.” The White House will not answer who we were targeting or answer questions about the obvious failure of a policy that causes so much consternation around the world.


This was a crazy year for military reporting. The Benghazi attack has turned out to be a largely exaggerated incident that has stirred so much bullshit into the waters that no one can see the truth. The news bureaus were awful at getting to the truth quickly and defusing a lie before it took flight. The fighting in Syria and the gallimaufry of groups and loyalties taking arms against each was not even tackled in the American media. Today we learn that the militias were bloodied the streets of Tripoli since Khadafi was killed have abdicated their power and fled. Now there is widespread anarchy and again, once concerned about freedom fighters versus “terraists” the media is completely befuddled and not even trying. I don’t blame them. No one here really cares and would rather see Kim Kardashian’s ass than watch facts around the world. “60 Minutes” had its ass handed to it again when right-wing blood thirsty nutcase Lara Logan reported a completely false account of the Benghazi attack having done absolutely no investigation. And CNN’s madam of vengeance Christanne Amanpour demanding that US and allied bombers strike Syria for its gas attack, even though no one was really sure whose chemical weapons they were.


I think as bad a year as Obama has had, he really can’t catch a break because the media is so limp-dick and the corporations who hate him have so much influence over messaging. We have to give him a few points.


The chemical weapons in Syria have been surrendered and they are being handled. He was right not to involve us. This is something Bush could never have accomplished.

The French and the British are doing  a lot more of the hard work to stop terrorists in North Africa thanks to Obama’s diplomacy and his insistence that they carry their own load of this.


The American people have an alternative to employee-based health insurance for the first time.


Gay marriage is increasingly a reality across the country because Obama has appointed compassionate and reasonable judges in places where only extremist conservative judges ruled.


That’s all I am giving him.







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