Bomber Crews That Survived Falls From Astonishing Heights

by Daniel Russ on April 1, 2014



B-17 Over Europe


B-17 Over Europe 


Edmund Shibble was an American Ball Turret Gunner in a B-17 Flying Fortress . During an attack on Koblenz, Germany, his plane was broken in two at 23,000 feet and he fell to the ground in the flight deck of the plane. He survived with a broken back.


On the 8th of Feb 1945, Erwin Koszyczarek,  an American Tail Gunner in a B-17, was thrown from the plane after a mid air collision over Austria at  25,000 feet . On the ground, he walked out of the tail gunner housing.


In January 1944, Paddy McGarry,  a British Navigator in Halifax Bomber fell 13,000 feet over Germany. His chute failed. He was unconscious for two days before he was discovered.


 Source: Beachcombing (strange



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