B-17 Tail Gunner Eugene P. Moran Fell 27,000 Feet And Survived.




Eugene P. Moran was a Wisconsin boy who wanted to fight in World War II and signed up for the United States Army Air Corps. He was trained as a tail gunner and served on board a B-17 Flying Fortress. On November 29th, 1943 while on a bombing run over the Bremen ball bearing factories, his plane was shot down. He was lucky enough to hold onto the tail section which slowed his descent slightly. He hit ground and sustained a crushed skull. In a German POW camp, a Serbian POW doctor saved his life. He survived POW camps, incarceration aboard a ship, and a 600 mile forced march. After 18 months in rather bad conditions, he was freed. He was awarded two Purple Hearts, the Gold Leaf Cluster, the European  Theater Medal and the Good Conduct Medal.


Source: SoldiersGrove.com


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  1. I heard this story in grade school in a little town in Tennessee. He was a relative of a school; teacher I had there. I had never seen the story in print. I saw a short video on u Tube telling the story. Small world!!!!

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