The Mobelwagen. A Desperate Attempt To Counter Allied Bombing.

by Daniel Russ on February 1, 2014










Mobility as it turns out is just as important for anti aircraft guns as it is for tanks. By the middle of 1943, the Allies were bombing Germany round the clock. Cities and neighborhoods were suffering the dubious policy of strategic bombing and the Nazis of course were trying to stop it. The decision to use a tank chassis was not a new development for German engineers. Almost all their mobile assault guns were built on older Panzer chassis. This would no different. The decision to build anew mobile AAA gun was made and the Pz Kpfw IV.

 The Mobelwagen featured a 37mm gun, a300 horsepower engine and a crew of five to operate. The vertical shield walls protected the gun on the way to and from a target, but they flayed out and provided no defense while it was operating. 240 Mobelwagens were made and deployed.










Sources: Wiki,, and Bundesarchiv




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Louis October 5, 2017 at 7:39 am

This was primarely meant for the mobile divisions (Panzer and PanzerGrenadier), as defence against “JaBo’s” (ground attack aircraft and fighters), that straffed and bombed the troops on the way to the front, not so much to protect statinary targets, as those could better be served by hardened\fortified gunemplacements.

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