The Sad Truth About The Al Queda In Mali.

by Daniel Russ on January 31, 2014

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It’s easy to hide behind your bible. Hell, most of the bible thumpers in the United States are thumping a bible they have never opened. There is little difference except for their language between the criminals who are inside jails in America and the migratory mercenaries who ascribe to Islam. The criminals who occupied Mali early last year destroyed centuries old manuscripts that described life of Timbuktu prior to the Europeans finding the New World. They are without doubt, absolutely priceless. They were destroyed by the fundamentalists who occupied Mali. The French troops who retook the town were too late the save these manuscript for posterity.

From Guardian UK:


Essop Pahad, who was chairman of the Timbuktu manuscripts projectfor the South African government, said: “I’m absolutely devastated, as everybody else should be. I can’t imagine how anybody, whatever their political or ideological leanings, could destroy some of the most precious heritage of our continent. They could not be in their right minds…..The manuscripts gave you such a fantastic feeling of the history of this continent. They made you proud to be African. Especially in a context where you’re told that Africa has no history because of colonialism and all that. Some are in private hands but the fact is these have been destroyed and it’s an absolute tragedy.”

He added: “It’s one of our greatest cultural treasure houses. It’s also one of the great treasure houses of Islamic history. The writings are so forward-looking on marriage, on trade, on all sorts of things. If the libraries are destroyed then a very important part of African and world history are gone. I’m so terribly upset at hearing what’s happened. I can’t think of anything more terrible.”





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