Saudi-Yemeni Conflict.

by Daniel Russ on November 12, 2009

Saudi Security Forces

Saudi Security Forces

Just when you thought you knew every war that was going on, here’s another thing to worry about.

“Low-level skirmishes between the rebels, called Houthis, and Saudi and Yemen forces, have dragged on for five years, and indeed the Saudis claim they successfully cleared the rebels from the border on Sunday. But the conflict has rapidly intensified during the past week, since, according to the Saudis, the Houthis crossed into Saudi Arabia and killed a Saudi officer, leading Saudi Arabia to send fighter jets to bomb Houthi territory on Nov. 5. Suddenly a lingering battle threatens to turn into a wider conflict, potentially drawing in Iran, the region’s biggest Shi’ite power. Saleh says he suspects Iran is already involved. “They want to follow the system of Iran,” he says of the rebels. “It is impossible. Our people are one people.” Using his public speech at the ceremony, Saleh told the crowd, “There will be no compromise or cease-fire until we finish the jihad.”

Source: Time


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