China Has A New Bomber.


bomb-tu-16-Wiki-Tupolev 16 Badger Bomber


HK 6 HK-6 Bomber

The Chinese air force’s H-6K bomber is based on a Soviet airframe from the early 1950s. But in every way that matters, it’s a new warplane — and one that could significantly improve Beijing’s ability to battle U.S. and allied forces in the western Pacific.


The basic H-6 is an old 1950s airframe of the old Soviet Tu-16. It has been flying around since the Cold War. However Xian Aircraft Industrial Company introduced the upgraded H-6K, a twin engine heavy bomber that will serve to add force projection to the newly muscular Chinese Pacific Fleet. It has already debuted at an extensive naval exercise, and was revealed as the “God of War”.


It features modern day avionics which would certainly give it jamming and counter electronic warfare capabilities. Neither fast nor stealthy, the plane nonetheless is a symptom of a newer more gregarious China. It also brags a 3500 mile range. Quite a muscle.


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