Mavis Batey, Bletchley Park Code Breaker, Passes.



Matis Batey (May 5th, 1921- November 12th, 2013)

Mavis Lever was born on May 5th, 1921 in South London. She grew to be a very competent code breaker for the Allied war effort. Miss Lever was sent to the Government Code And Cipher School in 1942, and there met and worked for Dillwyn Knox aka Dilly. He was an eccentric modeled out of central casting. A classically trained scholar he assembled a team of mathematician, linguists, people good at word games and finances. The 12,000 people there at famous Bletchley Park shortened the war by successfully cracking the German Enigma Code.


While at Bletchley Park, she met a man who later worked for Oxford, CFO Keith Batey, and her name changed to Mavis Batey. She was reknowned for intercepting vital tactical information about the Italians in the Mediterranean and led the way to the victory at Cape Matapan.



Italian Mediterranean Fleet Fires On British At Matapan. Mrs. Batey Intercepted Signal Intelligence That Put The Win In The Allied Column.



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