The Equadorian – Peruvian War.

by Daniel Russ on December 21, 2013



First Paratrooper Drop In The Americas.






July 5-31, 1941. The tiny South American republic of Equador, so named because it lies on the equator, has a territorial dispute with larger southern neighbor Peru. It seems a small salient entitled the Providence of Loja is on the maps of both countries, and this time the tempers are burning effulgent. It is a standing dispute over who began hostilities, but the prevailing rumor is that an 1800 man contingent of Equadorian troops crossed the border and took Zarumilla on July 5th 1941. They were answered by 13,000 Peruvians armed with French World War I uniforms and steel helmets. The drove 24 Czech LTL light tanks, \ and they have air cover by P-64 American fighters. The Equadorian army was mostly comprised of irregulars and paramilitary police, not the professional army run by Peru. The Equadorians were armed with Mausers and Czech infantry rifles but were far out matched in size and training and equipment. The fighting lasted four weeks before the Peruvian Army occupied large swathes of land in southern Equador.


On the 27th of July, the Peruvian Army dropped paratroopers on the Equadorian port city Puerto Bolivar. This would be the first paratrooper drop in the Americas. Some 200 Peruvians overwhelmed the 12,000 Equadorian troops and the Protocals of Rio De Janeiro was signed on January 29th 1941. Equadorian insurgents continued a guerrilla battle nonetheless. They also would not surrender their armamentarium, hidden in cache around the highlands. Peru in retaliation occupied the ports and beaches until the treat was signed and the insurgency gave up.




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Louis October 5, 2017 at 4:03 am

I think this should read Peruvian Army: On the 27th of July, the Equadorian Army dropped paratroopers on the Equadorian port city Puerto Bolivar.

Daniel Russ October 5, 2017 at 6:57 am


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