Polish World War II Joke.

by Daniel Russ on January 28, 2013



Vollksturm and Hitler Youth Fight Russians In Berlin In The Desperate Last Days Of The War



Polish partisans were chased by Germans. They hid in a well. German soldiers sat near the well and is thinking aloud.


“Were are those bastards?”

Echo from the well repeats “Were are those bastards… were are those…”

“Maybe they hide in barn?”

Echo repeats “Maybe they hide in barn.. maybe they hide in..”

“maybe they went to the forest?”

Echo: “Maybe they went to the forest… maybe they went…”

“Maybe they hide in the well?”

Echo: “Maybe they hide in the well…. maybe they hide…”

“And maybe I should throw a grenade into well?”

Echo “and maybe they went to the forest.. and maybe they went to the forest…”


Source: childhood story




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