The Europeans Are Demanding Privacy Assurances From The US Government That Even We Don’t Ask For Ourselves.



Angela Merkel



You have to feel a little bit for Barack Obama. Here he is administering the world’s largest police state, and an intelligence apparatus that is apparently beyond the reach of even the president. He did not put it into place. And on his watch, a whisteleblowing intelligence operative unveiled the fateful and quite literally incredible knavery of the intelligence office of the NSA.


Now the French and the German governments are demanding a new understanding. They want a new pari passu set of protocols about spying on them, indeed the same as we have with Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. This is known as the Five Eyes deal.


The European Parliament is most likely going to hammer together a new restrictive data surveillance law that will obviate much of the marketing technology that is inherent in Google, Facebook and Amazon digital presence. The last agreements were authored in 1995.


A month or so ago, Glenn Greenwald’s domestic partner was detained by British security agents for 9 hours. Glenn happens to be sitting on the motherlode of information that has not yet been revealed, and he has threatened revenge. I suspect there is a segment to this that will rattle people overseas much more than we might imagine. We are after all, Americans; and that means we will accept whatever perfidy our government perpetrates upon us in the name of some scripted anti- terrorism shibboleth. I can’t help but think that Glenn’s new project with ebay billionaire Pierre Omidar and Jeremy Scahill will most assuredly guarantee that the information will be disseminated.


This could mean revealing to more world leaders at the worst possible time the clandestine scrutiny we put them under. This is a backlash now not just from our largest trading partners and the countries that always go to war with us. This is a backlash now from multinational companies. It’s a backlash we have to see begin. One that will swing the pendulum back to a more private America.




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