Commander Scott Carpenter, Pilot Of Friendship 7, Dies.

by Daniel Russ on October 14, 2013


Commander Scott Carpenter


Navy Commander Scott Carpenter, born on May 1st, 1925, died on October 10th this last week. He was the fourth American astronaut in space. I his youth he wanted to fly and tried to become a combat pilot and participate in the Second World War. However combat ended and after attending the University of Colorado, he received a Navy commission. During his tenure as a Navy Pilot he flew Lockheed P2V Neptunes in the Anti Submarine Warfare mission ( ASW).

After the war he was a successful test pilot and was chosen for the early Mercury Mission. During a 5 hours mission in Friendship 7, problems developed. The cabin entered the atmosphere in a shallower orbit and as a result the heat shield almost failed. Communications were cut off and he landed 250 nautical miles from his intended landing point. Investigations almost ruined him and brought accusations that he was derelict in is duty in the capsule. 


His story is told in The Right Stuff, by Thomas Wolfe.


Lockheed P2V Neptune


Scott Carpenter Training For Friendship 7




Source: Wiki.




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