Klaus Fuchs, Spy.

by Daniel Russ on November 10, 2013




Edward Teller: “Oh, not very important. I’m sure the Russians knew how to build a bomb without Fuchs’ stuff.”


Klaus Fuchs (29 December 1911 – 28 January 1988) was a German citizen who joined the Communist party on the early 1930s. When the German Parliament abdicated its power to Hitler in 1933, Fuchs decided to flee. He came to the United Kingdom and declared asylum. While there, he earned a Ph.d in Physics. In Ameirca he was interred as an enemy alien but Quantum Physicist Max Born had him released and put to work on the bomb. His job was figuring out how to implode the fissionable core of Plutonium.


Fuchs was actually at the Trinity bomb test in July of 1945.


After he returned to England when the war was over he began to secret classified Allied plans on bomb building. The British found him and put him behind bars for 14 years. When he served his sentence he lived out his last 30 years in East Germany.

He was a devout Communist and did not want to see the US as the only superpower with the bomb. 




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