How Civil War Will Come To America.

by Daniel Russ on November 3, 2013




Whether or not there will ever be civil violence again on a large scale is probably very unlikely. That said, this is what it might look like if America ever splits.


One day Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi and Louisiana will pass the same ten-point state amendment addendum to their state constitutions. It will probably include the following points:

1. No Evolution or Climate Change will be taught.

2. Prayer is mandatory in schools, but only Christianity or Judaism. So is the Pledge that will be recited in front of a US flag and a Confederate Flag.

3. Christianity will be taught as the official and one true religion.

4. Islam, Communism and Socialism are forbidden.

5. No welfare beyond 12 weeks, and no homelessness.

6. No abortions will be allowed.

7. No Gay or transgender marriage or protections will be allowed.

8. Federal prescriptions will not obviate local laws

9. Guns are allowed everywhere

10. Voting is a restricted right permitted by the state only.

This will in effect resurrect the old Confederacy and become the New Confederacy.

Next, check points will pop up, and yes, state police in Alabama will go through your car and look for things to convict you with. You’re driving from Los Angeles to Atlanta for your brother’s wedding. The Mississippi State Border Patrol on Interstate 20 stops you.

Officer: “Hi, can I see your license and registration?”

You: “Here.”

Officer: “Do you have any contraband such as marijuana, cocaine, or meth?

You: “No.”

Officer: “Do you have any firearms?”

You: “No.”

Officer: “Do you have any books on Evolution and Climate Change or any Harry Potter Books.”

You: “Well, I have Harry Potter and the Earthy Hallows on my iPad.”

Officer: “You can take the file off of your iPad, or you can leave the iPad with me.”

Travel in and out of the new Confederated States will be restricted, unless you are a property owner. In fact, you will drive into Tennessee and there will be a police controlled lane that pulls out all out of state cars and checks licenses and perhaps content inspection.

Think this is bull? In 1979, at the end of World War II, there were 79 nations. Today there are roughly 209. It seems that every year there is a new country. Most recently, the massive dessert kingdom of Sudan split into two, a Muslim northern country and a more secular Southern Sudan. Who are we to avoid this trend that has midwifed new countries in every corner of the world?

The first nations that began the great post World War II dissolution were African nations, Island nations and South American nations. These continental venues for European colonies were dissilient; observing people all over the world, suddenly free of occupation and suddenly living under their own rule, the colonies eploded all at the same time. For countries like England and France, much of their overseas holdings and protectorates were intact. But after World War II, their countries in shambles, their treasuries empty, European colonial powers were living in impecunious times. Roads had to be rebuilt. Bridges had to be re-suspended, and millions of refugees had to be housed and fed. Britain and France both still had millions of square miles of territory from Africa to India to the Mideast and Indonesia, and both were part of the force occupying Germany.

When Kenyatta led the Mau Mau Rebellion in 1950, Britain was just recovering from the destruction of London and the massive casualties that were now citizens of the realm. Bristling with new weapons and inundated with experienced troops and officers, the Brits were up to the task militarily. However the Crown’s debts were too big and its population fed up with warfare. What started as a small insurgency blossomed into a bloody conflict that killed over 12,000 Kenyans; and the world began to see colonial power as not much different than the imposition of one culture on another, something they had just lived through under Nazis and the Imperial Japanese.

All over the world countries shed their colonial masters and sought their own constitutions. India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Israel, all of these were born in the paroxysms of World War II. Some countries were born in the dissolution of empires so corrupt they fell under their own weight: Russia became a dozen republics. Yugoslavia is now Montenegro, Central Serbia, Novi Sod, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia, Slovenia and Banja Luka. The remnants of the Ottoman Empires were carved up on a map after World War I and World War II as well.

So the cellular mitosis that is the creation of new countries continues in Africa, and threatens new creations in Spain’s Catalonia country and in Quebec.

We will not survive this either.

What will begin in the South will grow until the South operates under its own rules and guises. But consider Boeing. Boeing is a major arms manufacturers in South Carolina and its major customer is the United States government that will be in US territory. So, the New Confederate States will not be able to take Boeing away from the US, nor will they try, but this will not stop South Carolina from openly ignoring missives from the United States Supreme Court. It will not stop South Carolina from jailing people who are Muslim unless they have special protections granted say by Alabama’s State Government that is home also to a huge Mercedes plant. But Confederacy wide, the restrictions in one state will move pari passu into another Confederate State. The Confederates will issue Confederate Identification, and an analog Confederate Social Security number. Confederate schools will see history rewritten and science take a backseat to the Church. There will be a new currency and exchange rate issued as well.

In return for the slights, Confederate visitors to New York or California will have limited access to typical tourist venues. They will have to pay more and face time limits as well.

Texas will not join the New Confederated States. Texas will need too much Federal help protecting the border and it also is home to a lot of US arms manufacturing, again, something that will be secured by the Feds.

If there is armed conflict in the next American Civil War, it will flare up again in South Carolina in the deep water Charleston Harbor where South Carolinian weapons will attack US ships trying to secure the harbor for the Federal Government. Or it will come as the United imposes its will on the New Confederacy to protect its inviolate shibboleths. As more provinces break off, the US will leverage much less power and act primarily as a trade and banking and transportation state. But the US Government will have to secure territorial deals on its Naval and airbases across the newly formed provinces. Miramar and 29 Palms, like Gitmo for example, will be US military protectorates.

The Western States of California, Oregon and Washington, along with new York and Connecticut might decide to pass a similar set of state constitutional amendments to irk Confederates. These will probably be something like this:

1. Science will be the official subject about creation or existence taught in schools. Philosophy and religious philosophy will be taught as philosophies.

2. All religions are allowed.

3. Doctor supervised abortions are allowed.

4. All books are allowed.

5. The state will provide a reasonable amount of high quality health care to those who cannot afford it.

6. Eco Friendly business minimums must be met.

7. Gay and Transgender persons are entitled to all constitutional protections.

8. Church must all pay taxes.

9. Federal proscriptions do not obviate local laws.

10. Marijuana is a controlled and taxed substance.

State National Guards will become more independent and complete fighting force and there might one day spring up inter-state skirmishes or all out bloodshed and murder in the Kansas-Missouri war. The fact of the matter is that the United States has hardly ever been united. We have always been an amalgam, a constellation of choices and ideas all ensconced on continent so vast that there was room enough for everyone. Except the indigenous people who lost all their country and now just share some parts of it out of the conscience the country managed to muster in the late 19th century.

Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Western Canada have all been threatening to withdraw for years. Quebec will likely actually succeed in seceding.

End Of Part One.


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