James Doohan, Forever “Scotty” On Star Trek, Invaded Juno Beach On D-Day.

by Daniel Russ on September 27, 2013





Born on March 3, 1920 in Vancouver, British Columbia, James Doohan was the youngest of four children, and “Scotty” was actually trained as an engineer. He attended the school known as SCITS, or the Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School. After school, in 1938 while the drumbeat for war was pounding throughout Europe, he enlisted in the 102nd Royal Canadian Arm Cadet Corps. He was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the 13th Field Artillery Regiment in the Canadian 3rd Division.


Oddly, his very first combat occurred at Juno Beach where the Canadian 3rd Division invaded Normandy on D-Day. He led his troops to higher ground on the invasion route and shot two German snipers. At 11:30 PM, he crossed between posts and was shot six times by a nervous Canadian infantryman acting as a sentry, firing a Bren gun. He took four rounds to his legs and one in the chest that was stopped by a silver cigarette case, and he lost his right middle finger.


Doohan also became an Air Observation Pilot for the Royal Canadian Air force, in supports of the Canadian 1st Army.


He was sited also for slaloming a Mark IV Auster observation planes between telephone poles just to show it could be accomplished.


He died on July 20th 2005 and will forever be the Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise.


Source: Wikipedia



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