The Antidote For Civilization.

by Daniel Russ on September 14, 2013



Ho Van Thanh fought for the Viet Cong for a short while during the Vietnam War. Afterwards he switched to fighting for the North Vietnamese. But at some point, he keft a wife and a son and took another son and egressed into the thick forests of Vietnam.


Apparently a party of people foraging for firewood discovered the father and son. The father’s health drove the son to agree to take themselves out of the forests. Wearing only a pair of briefs made from tree bark, he tried to explain their strange story. His brother left behind in civilization, Tri, claims to have contacted his father years ago but was unable to convince him to leave the jungle.


Authorities see that the boy has suffered and understands little of what is said to him. The war itself so traumatized them that this was indeed the ultimate antidote for civilization. This would not be the forst tume that people have taken refuge in nature. Or were on the lamb in nature. Excuse the pun.


Source: NPR






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