What Are They Doing With The Data?

by Daniel Russ on August 7, 2013



Well, here is another piece of the USA puzzle that does not fit and makes us question the real use of the meta -data that the NSA is gathering.


Agencies working to curb drug trafficking, cyberattacks, money laundering, counterfeiting and even copyright infringement complain that their attempts to exploit the security agency’s vast resources have often been turned down because their own investigations are not considered a high enough priority, current and former government officials say.


So we’re not going after bankers that stole pensions. We are not going after white-collar criminals. We missed the shooters in the Binghampton, NY, we missed the Aurora, Colorado shootings, we missed the Connecticut elementary school shooting, and we missed the Tsarnaevs.


So what are they doing with all this data? Seriously. If they are collecting information on all of us, are white-collar criminal or political operative also under surveillance?


If we are gong to obviate all of our presumption of innocence by collecting data and waiting to use it against us, the at least use it against the criminals who are abetted by the government, by lobbyists and by policy wonks manipulating the government.


Source: NYT.


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