4F – Unfit For Duty.

by Daniel Russ on August 23, 2013


There has never been a time when Americans pulled together and showed up at recruitment centers like we did after Pearl Harbor. Stars also signed up, not wanting to glide on their privileged status to avoid service. Many were not fit for service.


Dana Andrews- Back injury.


Marlon Brando – Injured knee.


Montgomery Clift – Chronic diarrhea.


Gary Cooper – Displaced hip.


Dan Duryea – Previous heart attack.


Red Foxx – Reason unknown.


Errol Flynn – Heart condition.


Jackie Gleason – Overweight.


Van Johnson – Head injuries from car accident.


Danny Kaye – Bad back.


Dean Martin – Hernia.


Frank Sinatra – Punctured eardrum.


John Wayne – Overage.


Source: World War II, Strange and Facscinating facts. McCombs and Worth. Greenwich House 1983.


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