Famous World War II Refugees From Germany.

by Daniel Russ on August 22, 2013

Albert Einstein

During World War II, as German politics hardened into a turgid racism German intelligentsia began to emigrate overseas. This included writers, philosophers, painters, teachers, politicians, engineers and scientist.


Here is a list of people who became refugees in Europe.


Werner Michael Blumenthal – US Secretary of the Treasury.


Neil Bohrs – Physicist


Max Born – Physicist


Alfred Eisenstaedt – Photographer


Albert Einstein – Physicist


Enrico Fermi – Physicist


Henry Kissinger – Statesman


John Von Neuman – Physicist


Leo Szilard – Physicist


Edward Teller – Physicist


The bulk of these scientists created the atomic age. Edward Teller, in particular was one of the project managers on the Manhattan Project.


Source: World War II, Strange and Facscinating facts. McCombs and Worth. Greenwich House 1983.




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