Austin Goodrich Aug. 30, 1925 – Jul. 9, 2013, CIA Spy Who Posed As A Journalist Dies.




It’s odd the story of this spy. He joined the CIA right out of school and stayed there until he retired. What’s amazing about the story of Goodrich, was that he was performing espionage under the cover of a journalist. The cojones of this guy. And the CIA. And in fact many journalists in the US were spies for the CIA.

In 1954, CBS learned of his ties to the CIA and terminated his employment. But that didn’t stop him and he later worked with Walter Cronkite. So not only was he a spy, but an ideologically motivated spy.

 Mr. Goodrich said, “My specialty was recruiting to our service disillusioned and unhappy members of the Communist Party, people who were strongly motivated to noble purposes, which they felt had been betrayed by the party apparatus.”

His daughter Kristina commented that the was a spy first and journalist second. I find that funny. If you are a spy first, then you’re never a journalist. And this belated obituary appeared on the New York Times. My how things have changed.

During his career, he was awarded the by George H. W. Bush. He also apparently worked with the Finnish resistance against the totalitarian Communists in power by planting bombs in the desolated cold forests in Finland.


Source: NYT




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  1. Timmy, I erased your intemperate message. You will learn one day not to be a jerk to editors. Everyone makes mistakes, even you. Keep in mind, as interesting as he was, he wasn’t really a journalist. He was really a spy, and lying to his editors.

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