by Daniel Russ on July 6, 2013


Glenn Greenwald reported from the Guardian a few days ago that Edward Snowden has rendered the information he set out to expose such that there is no way the NSA or USA can prevent its publication. He said, “the world will be shocked” at the revelations.


Really?  Shocked? The world?


My question is can anything shock the Americans?


When we were marching into Iraq and there were no weapons of mass destruction as the US government asserted with certainty, was anyone really shocked?


When we discovered that the US military was torturing prisoners, was anyone really shocked other than the Left?


When the Hope and Change president let the bankers get away scott free for robbing us all, was anyone really shocked?


When 30,000 gun deaths a year doesn’t trump Kim Kardashian’s voluminous derriere, does anyone stop for 30 seconds to think about it deeply? A few voices drowned out in a pusillanimous media perhaps. But the lassitude of the American public has assured the government that in times of deep corruption and intense political turmoil, we will certainly not take to the streets. Especially not on a night when there is a championship game on or an episode of an even more corrupt albeit fictitious government in Game of Thrones. And those who do show up may have their heads treated to an herbal essence shampoo at the business end of a nightstick. (SEE OCCUPY WALL STREET).


Glenn Greenwald has seen everything I have seen since W was elected: a massive invasion based on a prevarication; the installation of a surveillance state, state’s rights trumping Federal law, police run amok with no accountability whatsoever. What could possibly shock anyone in the country today?


The discussion about waning US power, and Obama’s inability to get anything done is covered in other pieces. But there is nothing to expose flaws as readily as flailing about trying to stop someone from airing your dirty laundry. The intensity of the chase means that the expose is really going to sting those in power. It may expose a scam so vast it actually does shock someone.


OK. Here is some conjecture.







Snowden may have proof that some organization we have always thought of as an advocate has been robbing us blind and lining their pockets and the amount and the way it is purloined will be shocking. An organization far less obviously corrupt than a bank, it might be a few politicians who gamed the system to do this surreptitiously. It might even be Obama.


Perhaps a few billionaires are at the helm of this apparatus that is far more powerful than any ever believed. However the big secret might be the massive amount of money that is being stored in tax-free domains, enough to balance the US budget.


The more perfidious operators might be the Bushes, the Clintons the Scrowcrofts, the old guard. The United States might resemble the old Mubarak government where the only rich people and the only powerful people were within three cousin-hoods of Mubarak himself.






Conspiracy theorists have talked about the FEMA camps and the purchase of billions of rounds of ammo by US citizens. Perhaps American prisons are torturing incarcerated people in the massive prison complexes, keeping them locked up against their will, the will of defense attorneys, and beyond their actual punishment and the reach of judges. They earn profit on each prisoner. Prisoners are being worked to death and robbed and abused.


Perhaps security officials may have already put everyone in the country into a threat category and watches them thusly. Enemies of the government are targeted specifically. People are already being ‘disappeared’ a la Pinochet or Allende.






The US is fueling wars over seas so it can sell arms to the combatants. This is no secret, but the extent to which it has been going on, and the methods used to game the sales so a few contractors cull all the profits. The US is arming the Taliban, the Zeta drug cartel and other declared enemies of state.





Most major news stories go through a government filter. It is invisible to us, but important stories are squashed or fizzle out and distractions (Kim’s butt) are advanced. Notice how most of the major outlets are targeting Snowden’s betrayal of the country rather than the country’s betrayal of the people. This is desperate spin from the top.




The old shibboleth that the CIA sells opium to fund its operations perhaps is true. The DEA exists to keep the sale of drugs profitable.





Perhaps what we are afraid to reveal is what we are doing to our allies aside from snooping, and what we are doing to other nations, or peoples. It might be so invasive it literally shrinks the world of possibilities for travellers and US diplomats and the dollar.


Already we should expect that the channels of power were eavesdropping on have closed those channels. You must assume that Obama looks like a transparent, conniving idiot to the most powerful people in the world.






There are people who we think pull the levers of power. And then there are those who actually pull the strings. This shadow government will be revealed, and the impotence of the President will also be revealed. He is a patsy and works for the bidding of the real government.


The reason Obama doesn’t do anything about wage theft and bank fraud is that he cannot do anything about it. The reason that he is mute around gerrymandering and lobby money is because the Presidential office itself is just a place older, a titular head for a state that is governed behind closed doors. He realizes that he has the executive power granted him by the powers that be, however invisible they are. But he knows there are topics out of his range, and other topics so small and apart from the DC bubble that he doesn’t notice them. Perhaps the real secret is that Obama is controlled by a group of people who literally decide what he can know and what he can’t know.


Today in Salon, Patrick Smith comments about waning US power:


“Have you noted the extent to which Washington has failed to influence the governments that have harbored the National Security Agency’s former contractor? Have you heard or read the hostile outbursts greeting news that the NSA has been bugging computer networks and telephone circuits all over Asia and Europe? Most recently, have you detected the Obama administration’s disgraceful arm-twisting as it tries to dissuade potential providers of asylum?

These responses put another question on the table, and do not think for a moment that the White House is not asking it. There is the validity or otherwise of what Snowden did — as a matter of law, civil disobedience, conscience, human rights, ethics and so on. Now there is the question of how the U.S. will respond to the reality of its waning global influence and whether Obama has repaired any of the widespread alienation accrued during the eight years his predecessor spent in the White House.”






Perhaps the US is preparing for civil violence on a large scale and we refuse to consider the possibility. FEMA might be building facilities intended for us. The US is ready to imprison millions more Americans who resist the current or coming government. Remember this is a conspiracy theory. I am just putting this out there that it might be much worse than you think.





The spying is about controlling the population. When the massive US government has the goods on you, they can control you. They can wipe out your bank account, your identity, or put the most vile porn on your hard drive. They can hack your car when you’re driving, or make it look like you are the biggest criminal in town. Remember the surveillance community employs millions, and digital technology makes it easy for a few people to control a large number of people. This is a possibility.





The leaks themselves revealed that the US had infiltrated the computer networks of Tsinghua University in Beijing; the NSA was using computer hubs in Germany to monitor Al Quaeda in Mali and in Syria; now our closest allies know that the NSA has been eavesdropping on them as well. The damage to us is literally incalculable. It is as if the true nature of the US government is there for all to see and this hurt us in trade agreements, it will hurt us in intelligence gathering, it will hurt us in military alliances and it will further diminish what soft power had. Snowden himself will know a lot about to penetrate US cybersystems and I cannot imagine that the Chinese and the Russians do not already have the contents of Snowden’s four laptops.


Probably decades old spy networks are crumbling. It’s also possible that foreign intelligence services are infiltrating our spy networks here in the US. I will bet you that right now, at this writing, IT personnel around the world are reconfiguring their online exposure because of this. This is the sort of thing that could literally blind us to intelligence streams.



I don’t really know what else will be revealed. I only see the administration is worried.



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