Mission Accomplished.

by Daniel Russ on October 25, 2009

Car Bombs Kills 136 People In Baghdad

Car Bombs Kills 136 People In Baghdad

This is what happens when you lie to an entire nation about why we are invading another. This is what happens when US military personnel are used to promote political and economic policy instead of defending US interests. This is what happens when amateurs invade without a plan to occupy and stabilize a country.

“AP- BAGHDAD, Iraq — Two powerful suicide car bombs blew up outside the Justice Ministry and city government offices in downtown Baghdad Sunday, killing at least 136 people in the worst attack in more than two years. Iraqi leaders said the attacks aimed to disrupt political progress in the months leading up to January’s crucial elections.

While violence has dropped dramatically in the country since the height of the sectarian tensions, the latest bombings underscored the precarious nature of the security gains and the insurgency’s abilities to still pull off devastating attacks in the center of what is supposed to be one of Baghdad’s most secure areas.

The street where the blasts occurred had just been reopened to vehicle traffic a few months ago when blast walls were repositioned to allow traffic closer to the government buildings. Such changes were touted by Iraq’s prime minister as a sign that safety was returning to the city.

“The perpetrators of these treacherous and despicable acts are no longer hiding their objective but to the contrary, they publicly declare that they are targeting the state … and aiming at blocking the political process, halting it and destroying what we have achieved in the last six years,” President Jalal Talabani said.”

Source: AP


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