If You’re Going To Collect Everyone’s Data, Then Perhaps You Can Tell Us Why We Keep Getting Shot.

by Daniel Russ on June 14, 2013



In the decade or so that the NSA has been collecting all of our emails and phone records we are told that this information has been used to stop terror threats. Perhaps. Perhaps it’s all just another prevarication well practiced and hidden behind national security. Given the track record of the US government, I can see why few believe that this claim is real or true. The US Government behaves like a sociopathic salesman, always giving off one image and secretly living another, and perhaps that’s why having a PR firm help shape it’s messaging just makes it worse.


For me the issue is much more than just privacy and government overreach, it’s a matter of competence. If we can predict and stop terrorist events, why not stop the terrorist events that are acted out by Americans? Why did the data mining fail to catch the Binghamton, NY shooter who killed 13 people, or the Newtown shooter who killed a classroom of children? Why did the data miners miss the Aurora shooter who killed 12 or the Virginia Tech shooter who killed 32 people? Can’t PRISM see who is hoarding weapons and ammunition? Can PRISM really find out who is mad at whom and stop a potential bloodbath? If it can stop people from plotting terrorist plots, then perhaps we should include shooting in theaters and malls and offices a form of terrorism.

Mother Jones At Least Is Watching.

The killing sprees and mass shootings happen with such regularity that there is a sort of dance the media and the public do after each one. It’s called the cry and forget dance. We start with 24/7 coverage and this means reporters giving us half the facts or incorrect facts punctuated with mini Back-to-You-a-Thons. Next come the unctuous speeches and statements, and sanctimonious poseurs on cable TV lavishing opinions on every jot and tittle of this. When more than ten people end up dead whomever is President will deliver an unctuous speech and it will be a doozy, followed by mostly languid nothingness, jabs back and forth about gun control perhaps. Then we forget it because it is too much and then we gloss over and then the horrific details all begin to merge into each other.


If the NSA is going to look at all this social media and digital transaction data, and look for keywords in emails, then why can’t anyone find the intentional theft and fraud that happened in the financial industry? Can we not find a single instance of a mortgage house falsely pressing for foreclosure on a home that was paid for? Can the NSA not read a balance sheet and see which hedge fund manager is lying?  Does the NSA know who buys the campaigns for state and federal judges?


Or is all this information used just to find Muslims planting bombs in public? If so, you missed Tsarnaev.


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