The Citizens Disclosure Project.

A genuine and heartfelt and intelligent hearing was conducted over several days a few weeks ago called the Citizen’s Disclosure Hearings. It was an attempt to cull together the most experienced, impressive and informed witnesses to testify about their belief that there has been formal and informal extraterrestrial contact. These are pilots, astronauts, politicians, scientists, veterans, ordinary citizens and Ph.Ds who have had in some context, reason to believe. Before I go off on our uninspired, bought-and-sold Congress, let’s at least tip our hat to this well planned and fascinating impretration of Congress or the White House to quit hiding the facts.


Some of the more riveting testimony came from people who were threatened with death for speaking out about what they have seen, and frankly the simple credible and testimony from guileless aw-shucks World War II veterans about what they saw. Some saw bodies. Their descriptions not only correlate, they fit popular descriptions that have appeared in novels, and non fiction works from people like Dr. John Mack, the Harvard Chair of The Psychiatry who revealed his feeling that abductees were not lying.


Now it wasn’t without problems. Some of the panelists like Linda Moulton Howe went too far sometimes in testimony into areas that are probably more of a distraction at this point for example aliens make genetic experimentation an active program with human beings, etc. That said she is a real and impressive journalist. The thing that was heartbreaking is the utter disrespect the US Congress gave the committee members. There were only a handful that attended. Many former Congress people showed and spoke to camera. But the Congress we all elected that sits on wads of cash and pays attention to nothing but their wallets and their power couldn’t have been more insulting. And the Media, or as I refer to them, the American Corporate Circus Infotainment Complex, gave really dismissive, condescending reporting. Alexandra Petri was typing looking down her nose when she wrote:


But to get on the stairs in the first place, you have to make a leap. Maybe you saw something. Maybe you read a book. The panelists were not interested in that leap. Pretty much everyone in the audience had already made it. They had come in from out of state. They applauded. They booed. They were vocal. They knew that aliens were out there. They knew that the Government was Keeping Things From Us. They were irate that the two people in tinfoil hats had been used to represent the whole gathering.

The trouble with spending several days talking to conspiracy theorists is that at a certain point you start to sound like a conspiracy theorist. The media has been covering all this up for decades, apparently, in a coordinated effort with the CIA people on the staff of every media organization to suppress information. (Ours is named Jim. Just kidding, we don’t have one. Please don’t cite this for decades as evidence that the Post admits, then denies, the presence of a CIA staffer!)

Did we really expect Congress to treat these witnesses with any respect? Is there ever going to be a day when we can talk about these facts without being labelled Conspiracy Theorists?




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