Bob Fletcher, Hero To Japanese Farmers Interred During WWII.

by Daniel Russ on June 11, 2013



Bob Fletcher, was a California agriculture inspector who, quit his job in the middle of World War II and managed the fruit farms of Japanese families forced to live in internment camps. He died on May 23 in Sacramento. He was 101.


He agreed to run the 90-acre Takeda Farm and Tsukamoto farm as well when these families were sent to live in a concentration camp in Arkansas. The Tsukamotos emigrated in 1904 and these children were as American as any American. But public resentment and government paranoia an executive order to relocate 120,000 Japanese nationals incase they were disloyal to the United States.


Fletcher even put money in the bank for the Tsukamotos. Oddly the locals were not copasetic with helping the Japanese American farmers. Locals treated Fletcher with opprobrium, but he shook it off.


“I did know a few of them pretty well and never did agree with the evacuation,” he told The Sacramento Bee in 2010. “They were the same as anybody else. It was obvious they had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor.”

Bob Fletcher died last week at 101 years of age.


Source: NYT



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