The Soviet SU-100 Assault Gun.

by Daniel Russ on August 18, 2013






The phenomenon known as the assault gun came and went with World War II. It was an original idea. OK, not every gun could be built on a tank. But you could take the gun, the business end of most tanks, and mount it on any chassis that would carry it and you have just multiplied your firepower. Often obsolete tanks were reconfigured just for the chassis. In general, an assault gun could not trade shots with another rtank. But it could out range other tanks and with a strong enough gun, destroy a tank with ease.


This is where the SU-100 came in. The Soviets built this late in the Second World War. It was a 100mm anti armor gun fired from a casemate (non revolving turret) on a T-34 chassis. It worked like gangbusters. Or  tank busters. It was 36 tons and had a crew of 4. The SU-100 even saw service in the Six Day War on the side of the Egyptians who used it effectively against Israeli M4 Shermans.


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