The Soviet M 1931 B-4 203mm Howitzer.

by Daniel Russ on September 5, 2013



                                   The B-40 Self Propelled Howitzer




The Soviets built just under 900 of these juggernauts, and as it turned out, they needed every single one of them. The self propelled howitzer was built in the mid 1930s and assigned to units across the vast Soviet Union. The Red Army was known for its formidable artillery bombardments, yet this gun stood out. In the massive counter offensives after Kursk, the Germans commented on the destructive capability of the 203 mm shell. The B-40 had a range of about 11 miles and the shell itself was about 200 pounds. In the breakouts in late 1944, the B-40 was toted all the way to Berlin where it was used with some authority to smash the remaining Wehrmacht defenses.



Sources: History Channel, Wiki.



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