The Sun Gun.

by Daniel Russ on May 25, 2013



It would cost 3,000,000 Deutsche marks. It would take over a decade to build. It would have been the greatest most destructive weapon ever used.


It was the Sun Gun


Hermann Oberth, an Austo-Hungarian engineer and inventor came up with the idea. He was one of Werner Von Braun teachers, and ushered us all into the missile era. He was a consultant in the Fritz Lang film, Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon). When he was still quite young he launched his first liquid fuel propellant rocket, the Kegelduse. Oberth eventually came and worked with Von Braun at NASA.


Allied scientists fopund the plan for the Sun Gun after the war. War planners would have used this giant adjustable mirror to capture the sun’s rays and burn cities, but Oberth had the notion he could heat cities in harsh winter with it.


Hermann Oberth 






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