The S-300.

 You Know You Have Created A Great Weapon When You Have To Create An Inflatable Dummy Of It.



I usually don’t talk about current events on CMIG. After a few years all the opinions evanesce, having laid on events so old and unclear. But every once in a while a gambit is played that makes a point.


During the Cold War, and especially over the Vietnam theater of battle, the Russians changed the battlefield forever by developing and deploying the SAM-2 and the SAM-6. SAM missiles counted for at least the demise of a third of the 2500 fixed wing fighters and bombers we flew that we lost. The introduction of the SAM-7 Grail was the piece de resistance. The large air breathing high altitude super sonic jet bombers that were supposed to climb high and fast and drop a nuke over a foreign city and outrun the back-blast, the interceptors, are all things of the past. The Russian SAMs rendered these nuclear delivery systems too expensive, too vulnerable, and launched the era of the Cruise Missile.


The S-300 operates as an interceptor. It is specialized to track low flying cruise missiles, or fighters and bombers coming in close to the ground looking for the protection the ground provides in radar signal clutter. The S-300 was design essentially to stop air attacks used in the US playbook. It’s range is several hundred miles.


By threatening to introduce the S-300 to defend Assad in Syria, the Russians are keeping the UN and the US and Israel at bay.


The radar on the Grumbler is able to track hundreds of targets at the same time, and engage dozens in combat simultaneously as well. This powerful radar would make it hard for US or Israeli planes to maintain a low radar cross section. The strike on the Syrian missile shipment that Israel made a few weeks ago would not have happened as easily.


Again the Mideast becomes a proxywar/showroom  for arms manufacturers. 


One wonders why the Russian back Assad. Then again the world why we back the House of Saud.


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