Attack Of The Killer Robots Part 3. Imagining Future Combat.




In the Seychelles Islands in the south Arabian Sea, a western coalition force operates a signal intelligence base designed to counter the Piracy of the New Islamic North African Front. Driving an upgraded and retrofit-engineered Russian missile cruiser, the Moskva, the Pirates are headed to attack the signal intelligence base in retaliation for attacks on Front Forces from French forces in Mali. On the way there, they get a wonderful surprise: a French cruise liner has appeared in the ocean when its defensive cloak failed. The cloak kept it virtually invisible and made the trip safer. When the shield generator failed, the cruise liner, Le Jerry Lewis appeared. The Le Jerry Lewis signals for help, and launches its twenty-two Air Defense Nano Drones. These are not rotorcraft, instead they are small turbofan driven weapons and camera platforms that fire out of tubes on the exterior walls of the ship. Like air launched torpedoes, they fly out of the tubes and their wings pop into place. They accelerate like a group of starlings, all in synch, heading to the threat.



An old Virginia class submarine, the USS Impala speeds to the scene, but first, surfaces to launch reconnaissance and strike drones, which will provide an extra set of eyes and gun barrels for the Impala’s command crew and at a much increased speed by flying through air versus ploughing through the sea. They will arrive at the scene first and stream data to the sub crew.



On the way the hive minded nano drones picked up a huge signal spike, one that indicated a large battery was being charged on the Moskva. Milsats orbiting the Earthsettled over the battle scene and relayed confirmation that the Pirates were ordering their crews to prepare to shut down their electronics suites and fire an EMP blast at the incoming drones.


Eleven nano drones  split off and held back from the attack on the Moskva, circling 10 kilometers out.


As the first ADS drones from the Cruise line and the Strike drones from Impala approached, sensors confirmed that the interloping ship was the Moskva. Even though, from this distance, the sub commander knew that a torpedo would take at top speed 12 minutes to make it to the Moskva, he fired it anyway. Unless otherwise instructed, the torpedo would strike the Moskva. If circumstances changed before the torpedo made it to target, it would be shut down and recovered for later use.


The French Cruiser is now 20 kilometers out from the Moskva. The Moskva solved for the location of the Le Jerry Lewis and the Pirates fired four Pakistani Malik missiles, printed copies of the old Soviet SANDBOX surface-to-surface missiles, electronics purchased from and installed by expensive mercenary software engineers from India and China.


The drones from both Le Jerry Lewis and The Impala closed in to within a kilometer. The Moskva shut down its generators, and fired the EMP blast. It was perfectly timed. Ten of the eleven nano drones from the Le Jerry Lewis fell out of the sky and into the pitching ocean. All of the recon drones from the Impala fell. Two strike drones fell and a third fell ballistically into the Moskva helm, exploded and killed the crew there.


The remaining nano drone from the Le Jerry Lewis fired its 100 kilowatt laser into the fire control radar emitters. Then it flew by the bridge and fired into the wall. The laser killed the captain and made a third pass before it was shot out of the sky with an old fashioned 7.62 mm from an AK-47.


The eleven nano bots that hovered behind the forward drones intercepted the Maliks and shot them down.


The Moskva then changed course and headed back to its base in Ethiopia. On the way out it launched four more Maliks, this time aimed at the signal intelligence base. Two scored hits, deploying their own signal jamming countermeasures, knocking out three very important satellite uplinks, and killing a contract technical crew.


The torpedo launched by the USS Impala found its mark a moment later, and the Moskva listed 20 degree to port, and smoked all the way back to base. Twenty two crew members killed or missing.


Blood drawn on both sides. Score: even.




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