Attack Of The Killer Robots. Part 2. Imagining Future Combat.

by Daniel Russ on June 27, 2013





In remote Kislovodosk in Central Asia a UN Coalition, heavily manned by Americans and French and Germans quietly patrols a village recently bifurcated by a local insurgency in the spa city. The quiet of the night is shattered by snipers bullets, raining down on innocent civilians in a luxury resort in another neighborhood. The shooter is in an upper floor of an ancient hotel, armed with an AK 47 and great view of the landscape below.


Audio sensors in the area hear and recognize gunfire, locate it, and immediately send signals to the Brigade de Renseignement et de Guerre Electronic. A French guard launches a package of nano drones, programs them to suppress the sniper, then she turns to order a Marine company and ambulances and medivacs to the neighborhood. Interlinked, wearing exosuits that make them virtual supermen, the French Marines gear up and in 15 minutes 2,000 of them “jog” through neighborhoods and roadways into the resort. Their suits allow them to climb hills and advance through rubble or mud and water with ease. The eight nano-drones fly silently through the cold night, each processing pieces of data…the location of the sniper…the shooting angle…the most efficient path into the area…the number of wounded…possible traps set by more insurgents…live RSS feeds from Twitter…Military news stations…civilian news stations…and social media platforms looking for words like…sniper…hotel…scoop.


Moments later the drones arrive at the upper balcony where the shooter is still pinning down vacationers and workers. The insurgent live streams her own gunfire and diatribe online while she shoots. The nano-drones display data to income fighter drones and support rotorcraft that only moments before were on a deck in the waters of the Caspian. They live link to the French Marines now just a kilometer away and closing in.


Two of the drones appear over the shooters head. He rises to shoot them but two more cut him down from another angle. Before he hits the balcony deck two more drones are inside the hotel room looking for other insurgents and account for weaponry. The French Marines go into patrol mode looking for helpers, for ambushes. More drones launch with loud speakers yelling to the local population to stay inside.


Medivac rotorcraft and French Marines evacuate the wounded. The UN asks the French to stay. Half the company engages their meta-material suits, and they disappear into the landscape. They can be seen, but only by trained observers or special devices. Quietly, they patrol all day long. Nano-drones in their final hour of patrol pick a cell phone call calling for another sniper to rise up and get revenge for the death of their brother the previous night. The 800 drones in the air correlate the data and based on signal strength guess the exact room the sniper will likely shoot from. One of the drones over the city quickly meets the sniper at his own window and fires a 100-kilowatt laser at him before he can finish raising his gun. It neatly cuts a hole through his forehead. The laser sweeps downwards and cuts his gun in half. Now hundreds of drones are patrolling nearby waiting for authorities to arrive. In the meantime, the drones swarm around and complete a forensics search of the crime scene.


Tomorrow, a larger engagement in the digital battlefield


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