Procopious Thought That Emperor Justinian Was Actually A Demon.

by Daniel Russ on May 31, 2013

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Procopious: “That Justinian was not a man but a demon in human shape may be abundantly proved  by considering the normity of evils which he afflicted upon mankind, for the power of the acting cause is manifested in the excessive atrocity of his actions. I think that God alone could accurately reckon the number of those who were destroyed by him, and it would be easier for a man to count the grains of sand on the seashore than the number of his victims. Considering generally the depopulation of the country by him



….some who have been in Justinians company late at night, men with clear consciousness, have thought that in his place they beheld a strange and devilish form. One of them said that Justinian suddenly arose from is throne and walked about and that his head disappeared while the rest of his body continued to move to and fro….


Another declared that he stood beside Justinian as he sat and of a sudden his face turned into a shapeless mass of flesh without either eyes or eyebrows or anything else on his face that makes a man recognizable”



Source: The Secret History of Justinians Wars, by Procopious





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