The Seeteufel, Or Sea Devil. Germany’s Midget Two Man Amphibious Submarine.

by Daniel Russ on July 10, 2013


The Seeteufel, Or Sea Devil. Germany’s Midget Two Man Amphibious Submarine.





Ever the engineers, the German seafaring designers of World War II never let an old idea get in the way of a new one. So when the idea of an amphibious submarine emerged from someone’s brain, no one laughed. Instead, it was diagrammed and designed. In fact, this was a two man midget submarine that had a propeller on one end and a pair of tank treads on the bottom. The one prototype was built at the Kiel-Eickernforde testing ground.


It could carry a single torpedo, or lay mines, or carrying a machine gun operated by one of the pilots. The prototype descended to about 20 feet in depth and displayed stable handling. It travelled at 10 kilometers an hour.


The only prototype was scuttled by the Nazis.




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zeev July 16, 2013 at 4:11 pm

you write about unmanned airforces…

The prospecrs for unmanned subs are tremendous. The navy has already published their unmaneed surface vessel dedicated towards tracking submarines and calling air support for air deployed torpedoes. Unmanned submarines of the advanced sort are publicly in development. Theres a very good chance they already secretly exist and are being tested by both the americans and chinese.

Human submarines are MOSTLY life support systems that are designed to operate in conditions that are nearly as harsh as low earth orbit ( not counting high speed debris )
.take the human out of the equation . A revolution in naval submarine affairs is already 10 years in the making. Submarines of all but the nuclear weapon delivery purpose will likely be fully autonomous before the entire airforce (other than strategic nuclear squads) are autonomous. Then the real question is hoe are surface vessels automated? I think that is a tough question to answer.

Daniel Russ July 16, 2013 at 5:46 pm

You’re right. I also worked on the USAF account for years in an ad agency and we billed ourselves as the high tech force.

The navy billed itself as the force that deploys. Makes sense. The Earth is 2/3 water.

Yet it turns out that the Navy has as much high technology as the USAF. The Seawolf class submarine is an example.

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