The Chyeranovskii BICh Series Parabola Wing Aircraft




Boris Ivanovich Chyeranovskii, born in 1896, was a Russian aerodynamic engineer and inventor who created the parabola wing. His single seat single engine planes had a curved wing like a bird and a single tail fin built into the wing. He created a series of the first flying wing aircraft and experimented with various control surfaces. The BICh-1 through the BICh-7 were pioneering aircraft. By installing the 18hp ‘Blackburn-Tomtit’ engine  in the plane he created the BICh-7. Ultimately the plane flew and he had solved all the handling problems.  But he garnered little interest in the project as did many progressive engineering projects in Russia. It flew in 1926.









Sources : Russian Aviation Museum,, Opsrey Encyclopedia of Russian Aircraft by Bill Gunston. This is a great military history blog.



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