Stalin’s Bunker.

by Daniel Russ on May 18, 2013


In 1991 the city of Samara, Russia, located on the Volga river 700 miles south-east of Moscow, discovered one of Stalin’s bunkers had been hidden under their city since 1942.





Just in case Hitler’s army was able to capture Moscow, Stalin constructed an emergency command bunker in Samara. Samara was designated as the Plan B city if Moscow fell. Construction was mostly forced labor as usual and rumor has it that the builders were all shot just to keep it secret.


It was discovered during the last days of the Cold War under the Academy of Culture and Skill. The bunker is as deep as a 12 story building. It is lined with cherry and mahogany and steel and steel. It was replete with beautiful bathrooms worthy of a three star Michelin hotel. It stored books and records and clothing and small arms. This was meant to also to be airtight, have it’s own power source and stocked with provisions for weeks.




Source: Atlasobscura



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