The Fliegende Panzerfaust (Flying Armored Fist). Another Desperate Attempt To Stop The Inevitable.

by Daniel Russ on May 8, 2013

Fliegende Panzerfaust (flying armored fist). 






During the Summer of 1944, ever more desperate for breakthrough weaponry that would stem the tide of the Allies, Hitler ordered the Flugzeugbau Zeppelin company at Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, to develop the Fliegende Panzerfaust (flying armored fist). The single-seat heavily armored parasite interceptor was to be towed into battle by an ME-190. Powered by six solid propellant rocket mounted on the rear fuselage. The idea was to ram the control surfaces of heavy bombers, escape the scene, and the pilot would eject out of the plane and discard it, if you will, and parachute to fight another day.




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