Skunk, Israel’s New Anti Protesting Weapon.


Israeli joins the us in creating a series of ‘humane’ or non lethal weapons. Now we have water cannons that shoot a liquid called “skunk” which is a noxious blend of what seems to be fecal material, urine, or what some describe as rotting flesh.


Also spewing across the border fences and territorial walls are taunts and insults and threats and sharpened rocks that the impotent but undeterred Palestinians fling with slings. Watching safely from a distance are settlers living in essentially apartment-compounds guarded by the IDF. The IDF is comprised of Israeli citizens serving their time. The ultra Orthodox settlers, well not so much, their orthodoxy exempts them from armed service. Whether this turns out well, or just another humiliating experience for the Palestinians, only history will tell.




Source: Reuters




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