More Amazing US Manufacturing Statistics From World War II.

by Daniel Russ on May 2, 2013




The US total military built a grand total of 324,750 aircraft during the Second World War.


We built 99,950 fighters, 97,810 bombers, 23,928 transport, and 57,623 training aircraft.





Keep in mind, this is just aircraft production.


Britain built 131,549 combat aircraft; not the least of which were the infamous Spitfires, Hurricanes and Mosquitoes.


Our Canadian brothers built robustly as well building 16,431 aircraft of all types.


There are some surprises in these statistics.


Hungary, which sided with the Axis forces built over 1000 combat aircraft during the second world war and surprisingly, Romania built 1000 combat aircraft as well.


Japan, the formidable air force of the Pacific managed to manufacture 76,320 combat aircraft of all kinds, 36, 571 fighters alone.


World War II last 2191 days. Global combat aircraft production was 633,072 aircraft were produced. Amortized over the length of the war, 289 aircraft were created every single day


The Allies produced 93, 578 training aircraft. So almost 100,000 planes were built just to teach people how to fly and fight in the air. From December 1941 ( Pearl Harbor) until August 1945, ( Japan Surrenders on board the USS Missouri) the United States lost 13, 873 training aircraft and these aircraft were just inside the borders of the United States during 52,651 aircraft accidents, or roughly 40 aircraft accidents a day.


While discussing the differences in air power it’s important to note that the Allies had 155 aircraft carriers. The Axis, had only 16 aircraft carriers, 14 with Japan and a couple sailing in the Italian Navy. So most of Japan’s Air Force was in the ocean. Unfortunately for them, at the end of the war, most of their air force stayed in the ocean.



The US lost 43,581 total aircraft overseas and of them 20,633 were not caused by combat.


At the height of the Second World War, the US lost 220 airmen a day or roughly 6,600 a month. 41,000 US aircrew were captured. Half of the American servicemen who were captured by the Japanese died in captivity. A tenth of the US Airmen in German hands died in POW camps.




Sources: AAF Statistical Diary, Wikipedia




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