Moshe Gildenman



Moshe Gildenman


When I grew up, we were friends with another Jewish family around the corner from us. The Lovingers. Zena and Norman Lovinger and their kids, and we all played  together and visited. Norman once played for the Chicago Bears under George Hallas. He was a tough man who grew up south of the river in Chicago. Norman was larger than my father and as often as my Dad had, Norman peeled his hammy fists across a man’s jaw a time or two.


He once told me: “There are some people you just don’t fuck with.”


That’s what I think about when I read about Moshe Gildenman. This man and his son came upon the results of one of the Nazi “Actions” in Korets, Ukraine: the dead bodies of his wife and daughter.


Unlike most Jews, he and his son Simcha decided to fight back. They occupied the woods around the town and organized a rebel group. They recruited Jews and non Jews. They also purloined some of the plentiful weapons left as the detritus of nearby battles. They armed themselves. They trained.


The group regularly attacked German property, Nazi collaborators and Nazis themselves.


Later his unit joined Russian General Aleksandr Saburov’s partisan battalion. After World War II, he emigrated to Israel and died there in 1958.


Moshe Gildenman



Source: The Holocaust Chronicle.



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